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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Amrish Puri

I've never known a more fearful villian in hindi movies. Amrish Puri personified all that was evil. His screen presence was great...second only to the 'Big B'. His baritone voice, piercing looks, raised eyebrow, wicked smile --- it all added up to an unforgettable image that will linger long, very long in every Indian film buffs memory. His demise leaves a vaccuum.
May his soul rest in peace!!


  • Ditto

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16/1/05 09:03  

  • there r a very few villains who are immortal!"MOGAMBO" is one such!its so sad that he left us soon like the othres-"GABBAR SINGH"&"LOIN"....May their souls rest in peace!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20/1/05 17:00  

  • To: speakout@foxnews.com

    The New Persian Empire

    It is said that the Phrase “Useful Idiots” was coined by Joseph Stalin when he observed the hard core liberal left turning the other cheek and chanting peace slogans while Hitler was rolling across Europe. Prime Minister Chamberlain now posthumously infamous for his “peace in our time” speech when he served up Poland to the Nazi believed it would end there. Meanwhile Poland became a slaughterhouse. It then became a resource and beachhead for further conquest of Europe. One must wonder how many millions of innocents died under the phony pretence of “peace” at the hands of the Chamberlain administration.

    I recall my time at the University of Arizona from 1979 until 1983 vividly. I clearly remember the sickening spectacle of hatred for President Reagan by the peaceniks and nuclear freeze crowd. Under Carter, the military shrank (money shifted into the black hole known as the welfare state) and the defense systems that kept the peace and kept the Soviets in check since 1946 became dangerously antiquated.

    Thug regimes like the Soviet Union understood and respected only one thing. Power. They controlled the media, and they tolerated no descent. Anyone organizing opposition or even caught reading illegal non party approved opinions became enemies of the “state”. The liberal left in this country and others admired the ideals of the Soviet Union. A utopian world where nobody is hungry and everybody works. The concept of individuals rights were non existent. All are sacrificed to all for the greater good…. For mother Russia…. for “the state” Altruism taken to its logical ends and no different from the Nazi doctrine.

    And yet many liberals admired their ideals and accused capitalism of being cruel and exploitive. Ignoring the fact that capitalism is the only possible moral approach to upholding an individuals rights….and their right to generate and accumulate wealth by providing a service or product others buy voluntarily. Capitalism is the ONLY system that declares all relationships as voluntary. Those that speak of welfare and an obligation to your neighbor speak of slaves and masters. And they intend to be your master.

    The nuclear freeze advocates were the 80’s version of Chamberlain.

    September 11, 2001 revealed the result of such pacifist thinking. The current regimes in Syria, North Korea and Iran are the Hitler regimes of our times. The Middle East in particular is the linchpin for what is in store for our demise and the demise of what Lincoln called ‘the last best hope for the world”. Under Clinton, we saw the future of the Middle East if we do not stand and fight. The Taliban obliterated any pretence of rights. They whipped, tortured, and executed anyone they wanted to, for any infraction perceived or imagined. They roamed the stands at soccer games and whipped people for expressing any emotion. They drove onto the field in the middle of a game and executed women and children with bullets to the back of the head. Afghanistan was a sanctuary and training ground to spread fundamentalist “Islam” throughout the world.

    Meanwhile in 1990 Iraq invaded Kuwait. A coalition including almost every Arab state voted to authorize force to expel the Bathist regime (modeled after the Nazi’s) from Kuwait. John Kerry voted against the use of force to liberate Kuwait. John Kerry was a “useful idiot” to the enemy.

    After invading two countries, using poison gas and turning Iraq into a slaughter house he was warned through at least 20 resolutions by the toothless and corrupt UN, to disarm and prove that WMD’s were destroyed. He laughed in their faces and continued to play a game of cat and mouse. Saying he would comply only to ultimately refuse inspectors access to sights suspected of weapons programs. This continued for 8 years under the Clinton administration. Bush inherited the mess. Only months after taking office, a massive attack on our soil was executed under the supervision of bin Laden. The Middle East as a whole gloated. They said there was no proof that Bin laden was involved. After the video of him taking credit for the attack those same people said it was a CIA fabrication. Religious brainwashing is a fascinating thing. They believe they will go to paradise when they die (with no evidence) but do not believe their own eyes when confronted with reality. One could say the same thing with the liberal pacifist mentality that now directs the United States towards its surrender and inevitable demise.

    Upon final warning to Sadam to leave the country he confused George Bush with John Kerry and the Chamberlains of our country. In the first few days of the war, the left predicted mass starvation of innocent civilians as they became refugees. They predicted

    A long bloody war that would cause thousands of U.S. casualties. But it did not happen. The bathist regime collapsed inside of 3 weeks. Upon entering the cities in Iraq it was discovered that every Mosque and school was filled with weapons and ammo. Factories making suicide bomb vests in the thousands were discovered. Millions of US dollars were found stacked to the rafters all over the country. Terrorist training camps with aircraft fuselage used for practicing hijackings were discovered. Iraq was the new terrorist training camp that replaced Afghanistan.

    Both Vietnam and The Korean wars were funded and supported by sponsors. China equipped and trained the North Koreans. The Soviets and the Chinese trained and funded the North Vietnamese.

    Iraq is the new critical flashpoint. Syria and Iran are heavily funding the fundamentalists in Iraq. Iran has thousands of agents in Iraq right now. They know that if Iraq develops an elected democratic government, they are doomed. They will not let that happen. Both of these countries are run by thugs and maintain power by killing their opposition. Both are committed to the destruction of Israel. Both fund Hezbollah and Hamma’s. Both have sabotaged any peace initiative with Israel by attacking Jewish civilians and then cashing in on the death of their own fellow Muslims by relying on useful idiots to publicize the death of non combatants. It is easy…. kill some innocents, and then hide behind civilians when retaliation is inflicted. Moral equivalency is thus achieved.

    This can only work with the assistance of useful idiots. And it is working very well. Although 30,000 people die on our own highways every year, every casualty, every death of an American soldier is broadcast on the news every night. Every rogue soldier who shoots a wounded terrorist, or mistreats a prisoner is publicized and it is implied that it is the policy of the US government to behave as such and we are put in the harshest light possible. The enemy meanwhile slaughters ‘fellow Muslims” in attempt to create a climate of terror that paralyzes them into complete inaction to rebuild their country. This is how Hamma’s works, this is how Gaza and Palestine is kept under rule by a few thugs. Create a climate of terror. Syria and Iran are the masters at playing this sick game of terror and they are counting on the useful idiots to keep the formula working.

    The Tsunami showed the goodness of western civilization. It also showed that Syria and Iran need to direct their funds to the terrorists, certainly not to help their fellow Muslims. Their fellow Muslims are cannon fodder to be slaughtered as such for the PR value they can gain.

    Iran accurately sees that they are the closest they have ever been to regaining the Persian Empire they once were. They know that the useful idiots will overtake the ultimately pacifist United States who has no stomach for casualties. They know that in a war of attrition we will certainly lose. They have endless supplies of suicide bombers. They have billions of dollars to spend in order to wear us down. There is no descent in Iran or Syria to object to the huge sums spent with the sole objective of dominating the Middle East. Iraq is theirs. It will become a puppet state of Iran. With no other country even willing to see what is happening and unable to learn the lessons of history, it is destined to happen.

    Shortly the new Persian Empire will emerge. Once the United States departs, Iran will have free reign to exert itself in the Middle East. Soon after dominating Iraq it will pacify all of its neighbors and undermine all of the current regimes, It already has plans to vaporize Israel.

    With control of the middle east and the control of 40% of the world’s oil….it will likely result in world war 3 if we are not slowly strangled to death first.…… Mullah’s with nuclear bombs.

    You don’t need to hear the rest of this story. But you can thank the useful idiots for helping it come to that.

    jim croneberger

    7740 e gainey ranch # 46

    scottsdale AZ 85258 480 220 9843 (c) and 480 367 1342 (h)

    By Blogger jimcroneberger, at 23/1/05 12:27  

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