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Friday, February 11, 2005

Why Blog?

I asked my self this question recently.
Kevin, a friend who blogs from Sengkang, Singapore, had made a comment on my blog dated 2/2/05, which set me thinking. He asked "... isn't having and maintaing a blog catering to the voyeuristically inclined out there is this wide world of ours?"
So do I cater to the voyeuristically inclined?
If yes, does that make me an exhibitionist?
(He has of course removed the sexual implication 'voyeurism' is usually assumed to have. I checked up Wikipedia and found - as I had suspected all along - that the same can apply to exhibitionism as well...i.e. it does not necessarily mean indecent physical exposure.)
And what about traces of narcissism? Were it not for "a natural attraction to the limelight of personal recognition", would I have blogged with my picture in profile and links to my homepage etc.?
Like most bloggers, I use a meter to keep a watch on visitors - how many, from where, when, referrals. I also use blogexplosion to guide traffic to my site. So apparently I like being watched / read / commented on!!
Now is that a disorder of some sort?
Seeking your comments :)


  • No comments as of yet?

    Woah. Cold crowd. :P

    Don't forget that most people who drop by are bloggers themselves! ^_^

    By Blogger Tricorn, at 24/2/05 11:13  

  • Ha Ha Ha!!
    Voyeurs know not what exhibitionists desire!
    Ya, I understand that 95% of visitors are bloggers. But thats no reason not to drop a few lines on the way! It also gives them a chance to get a return visit! Or do they not want to be read? Then why do they blog?
    Now, now!! Isn't this getting interesting? :-)

    By Blogger Santanu, at 25/2/05 12:45  

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