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Thursday, October 20, 2005

What on Earth!

Can someone explain to me why we are continuously getting such catastrophic natural disasters from two diametrically opposide sides of the world?

It's almost like one is yelling to the other: "It's your turn!"

First the Tsunami.
Then Katrina and Rita.
Then the earthquake of Pakistan.
Now, a hurricane named Wilma is Catagory 5!

It's like the Indian subcontinent and the Gulf of Mexico are playing out a game.
And lives, especially at the end I post from, are apparently worth peanuts in this game.


  • It's nature's way of letting us know we cannot always get away with abusing it so much!

    By Blogger anumita, at 24/10/05 23:23  

  • Thats ok for the hurricanes, but was the Tsunami and Pak quake for the same reason? I am not sure :(

    By Blogger Santanu, at 13/11/05 08:30  

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