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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Happy Pongal

Wishing all Tamils a belated Happy Pongal. A happy Makar Sankranti to almost all of rest of India. For those who can't make head or tail of what this is all about...its a harvest festival marking the end of the harvest season. While Sankranti (meaning end..in this case, the end of the Hindu month of Pous) is celebrated throughout north India, Pongal is THE MAJOR festival in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Celebrations continue for 4 days here. The Sun God is worshipped since the weather plays a major hand in the creation of a good harvest.
Sadly celebrations were low-key this year due to the devastations caused by the Tsunami. Talking of Tamil Nadu also brings to mind the ongoing controversy involving the Sankaracharya. A very sad situation, to say the least.
There are occurances in life which you wish had never happened...the Sankaracharya incident is one of those!!


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