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Wednesday, February 16, 2005


I had blogged on 2nd February on why I felt that this place I stay in, Sylhet, is prone to earthquakes in the near future.

My theory was proved correct yesterday as the earth shook below my feet. At 5:17PM local time, a magnitude 5.1 earthquake with epicentre 80 Kms ESE of Sylhet. Enjoyed the feeling!!

courtesy www.earthquake.usgs.gov

Another one occured farther to the east (another 2 degrees longitude) after one and a half hours - magnitude 5.3! But I was travelling then and did not feel it...maybe it wasn't felt at all here.

Anyway, this was my 1st earthquake experience and I enjoyed it! More are to come...pray they are as mild as this one!


  • thank you santanu, your kind words have reached out accross the seas and have been heard. hope all is well with you my friend.

    By Blogger superflywebpimp, at 20/2/05 10:31  

  • Man, oh man!

    Would love to experience one for myself one day!

    Hopefully live to speak about the experience too!

    By Blogger Tricorn, at 24/2/05 11:06  

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