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Friday, February 25, 2005

Getting Bored!!

Havn't blogged for a long, long time! Been busy trying to chase some targets on the job front. Also seem to have lost a bit of the initial enthusiasm for blogging.

The targets on the job front will get tighter now with the monsoon drawing closer. For those who just blinked, monsoon is a season here. Monsoon - Winter - Summer - Monsoon - that's how the cycle goes. Monsoon starts here from May and lasts till August. It is characterised by rain, rain and more rain. And I am located at a stones throw ( 50 kms to be precise) downhill of Cherrapunji. Another blink? OK. Cherapunji holds the Guinness record for the highest rainfall. So it's famous. And this poor place that gets washed over with all this World Record rain water has gone unnoticed :) ! Anyway, my immediate concern is to beat the monsoon - and save myself from getting washed away!

The loss of enthusiasm for blogging seems to stem from 2 primary reasons. Firstly, as a true blue Aquarian, I seem to loose interest once a mystery is unravelled. "The chase is better than the kill!" ( read it somewhere and loved it :) ) Yes, I think I have learnt what blogging is all about and have now started betting bored. Secondly, the lack of feedback has been a damper. I thought it's a community where everybody interacts with everybody else. But I notice that there are a few unwritten traits/trends/tricks ... how to get people to come to your page ... how to get listed in searches ... how to get added so folks come back for more .... etc.

To get the crowd in, I discovered 4 methods:
Firstly, keep blogging! Seems every time I blog, there are 3 - 5 visitors during the time I am online and also another 10 within 30 minutes of posting. It then tapers off and stagnates.
Second method is, of course, sites like Blogexplosion. Here, the more sites you visit, the more return visits you get. And then the site helps you track the duration of each visit - I logged 20 visitors in half an hour with an average of 0:00 seconds per visit! Apparently all visitors were busy generating traffic to their sites!! ROFL!
So I tried a third method. I started commenting on the blogs I visit! Curiosity invariably brought the bloggers backtracing to my blog ;) . But getting a horse to water is one thing. Making it drink it is another! Hardly anyone comments on the blogs ( I do get a 'thank you' note occasionally!)
Now the 4th method. This I am yet to put to practice. Links. If I put some regular bloggers on my favorite blogs list and put hyperlinks to them, I could expect some reciprocation and comments as well. Trouble here is that it is very difficult to find blogs as incoherent and uninteresting as mine :P !

In the meantime I run out of time and interest . . .


  • I enjoyed this post very much! I laughed as I read all about how to get more blog traffic! My personal take on this is to create blogs that I enjoy writing, gain release from (laughter or sorrow), and simply give my daughter something to read so she can try to figure me out! If someone happens along and reads my stuff, all the nicer ... I will admit though, I do love the comments people leave! Speaking of such, thank you kindly for taking the time to read and enjoy my post (and don't worry, that happened in the early 80s! :)


    By Blogger Weary Hag, at 28/2/05 04:19  

  • Don't give up on blogging. I have had the same problem and I realized that I just have to do it and do it for myself. If anyone reads it, great! If not, that's ok too because I enjoy blogging and getting my thoughts out there and out of my system. I'm adding you to my favorites and will be checking your blog...i better see some postings, lol

    good luck and thanks for checking out my blog...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28/2/05 04:42  

  • Ya, Carol, the release from a good piece of writing is very soothing...n then when its for your d'ter, you have a gret motive as well. Thanks for motivating, but do remove the 'weary hag' tag...or r u fishing for compliments? (dats a nice fish in yr nice pic)

    And Pagan Chick / Kalidevi (dunno wot 2 address u w/o soundin derogatory), thanx 4 adding...promise i'll b bak with more... n i think u sound like a instructor motivating kids :)

    By Blogger Santanu, at 2/3/05 14:26  

  • Oh my Gosh!

    Whatever happened to exhibitionistic ambitions!? (which was meant to be quite a mouthful)

    Come on, Santanu! Where's the famed loyalty of all Aquarians?

    Don't forget this millenium is your Age!

    Gotta be loyal to what you start!

    Keep writing, keep posting, keep it up!


    By Blogger Tricorn, at 3/3/05 20:56  

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