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Saturday, June 25, 2005


At last, monsoon is here! Well, it arrived a week back, maybe even ten days.
It's very hard to fix a date on such things. It used to rain occasionally, then it got more frequent. And one day you have to admit, its not just a rainy day...monsoon is here to stay!!:) In this country, the land is flat as ... well i wish I could type what came to my mind!;) And as a result, when it rains - correction, pours - it starts flooding pretty quickly. So now I have to walk through knee deep water where earlier it was dusty, and then muddy! Tough to believe it, unless you actually live through it.
And the most convenient means of transport is now country boats. Yes, small wooden boats everywhere. The folks in the villages seem to have more boats than bicycles. And as a collegue pointed out - it shows their economic class! Like you have a big car and mine is small because I couldnt afford a bigger one. We have big boats and small boats - right upto tiny single seaters. I was forced to go 10 kms on a four seater yesterday and it will take me some time to forget it. Will try to post some pix next time. The boat seemed like it would flip over any moment in the high current, especially when bigger boats rushed past downstream and we bobbed in the afterwake. Why am I so excited about the whole thing?
I don't know how to swim! :-)


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