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Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Yesterday morning, I travelled by road to Dhaka, the capital city of this country. It's close to 400 kms and we made it in four and a half hours! That's very very impressive. Speaks volumes about the infrastructure of this small third world country. Big Brother India can hardly boast of such highways! I have never cleared more than half this distance in this time in India. But now they are improving the highways back home and lets hope we get to see some noticable changes when we go back.

The two lovely ladies of my life demanded to come along, and the car was big enough, so here we are, mixing business with pleasure and having a swell time. Well almost.
Dhaka is a very attractive city, with good roads, high buildings and nice neon nights. Didn't check out the night life. Won't expect much here though. And yes, they should do something more about the traffic.

Will be around for another couple of days, and its difficult to get a PC here with net connection. So hope to blog soon, but don't curse me for not posting regularly.


  • I hope your stay in Dhaka is pleasant.

    By Blogger A Woman From Illinois, at 28/4/05 05:28  

  • It is amazing what we take for granted here in the US (our roadways and ease of travel).

    I hope you have a nice stay and a safe trip.

    By Blogger Guru, at 28/4/05 08:28  

  • Thanks for your wishes, both of you, Yes, it was pleasant, nice and safe. And yes, Guru, u r right, too many things are taken for granted by those who have it.

    By Blogger Santanu, at 1/5/05 10:38  

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