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Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Numbers are interesting, numbers are fun,
Well…At least for most, if not everyone!

You too must have done your fair share of brain racking with numbers – at least till high school. Mathematicians do it all their lives. Economists do it to warm up to their hardcore stuff. Statisticians make a living out of it!

But there’s more to numbers than cold logic. There is a mysterious world of the unknown, undefined, unscientific. It’s termed Numerology. It’s a branch of Astrology. It is embarrassing that an engineer with a supposedly scientific bend of mind should exercise his grey cells on such illogical, blind beliefs. It is even more embarrassing for an engineer with a supposedly scientific bend of mind to notice a crystal clear pattern and ignore it just because it is not defined or accepted by the scientific community.

This happened some 6 years back. I was located in the state of Karnataka in South India. A colleague conversant with astrology took my date of birth and did some calculations. He then told me that my life revolves around the number ‘4’. “Yes, I was born on the 4th, and you already know it!” I smiled. “So what’s so great about it?” He was slightly irritated by my arrogant and ignorant behaviour, but regained his composure very quickly. And this is what we discovered in the next fifteen minutes….

  1. Yes, I was born on the 4th and by now, even you know it.
  2. The 4 digits of my year of birth add up to 4.
  3. My wife’s date of birth is 22 (2 + 2 = 4).
  4. My house No was 40 (4 + 0 = 4).
  5. My vehicle registration no was 8239.
  6. My telephone no added up to 4.
  7. I joined service on the 13th. (And have now served for more than a decade in this company).
  8. 13 and 22 are my lucky dates and most of my notable events are on these dates, including most transfers. (Yes, Friday the 13th is actually lucky for me).

Due to my frequent transfers, my phone nos. and bank account nos. keep changing. And more often than not, it adds up to 4!
My present apartment no is 4. My previous address in Bangalore, India was #13, 4th Cross!

So is this all just a coincidence? Or is there a hidden secret behind it. A Larger Truth? Something we are unaware of today as we were unaware of the Roundness of the Earth and our Ape Ancestors till recently. And we had resisted the truth till we couldn’t deny it any longer.

Mind you, there are 8 other numbers excluding zero. So the probability of coincidence is pretty lean. Also, I myself had not noticed the prevalence of the number ‘4’ in my life earlier. It was pointed out to me by someone who had studied these numerology/astrology theories. So there is a theory and it works!

I am impressed. How about you? :-)


  • Why Santanu!

    It's just like the Rules of Threes or the Rules of Sevens.

    There are only 9 numerical possibilities when you play the numerology game!

    Coincidence, yes. Reality, yes too, for Coincidence is the stuff of Reality.

    Don't forget. In our modern world today, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING can and have been broken down into just 1's and 0's.

    How's that for your 'number'? ^_^

    By Blogger Tricorn, at 15/3/05 20:00  

  • That went tangential, Kevin!
    Lemme see!! Rules of Threes has something to do with Aristotle and Rules of Sevens with card games. Way off target man :)
    Nine numerical possibilities, yes. Coincidence, no. Reality, yes. Probability, low. :)
    And if everything has been broken down to 1's and 0's, can someone tell me why I have to teach my daughter the sick old numberline?^_^

    By Blogger Santanu, at 30/3/05 11:26  

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