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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Metamorphosis of Cricket

Cricket used to be a game…played by White Englishmen…with Red Balls.

And ladies in Victorian attire with puffed petticoats… would drool and swoon for five sunny days…as the men displayed their wares and skills on the field.

A lot has changed since then!

The Five day Festivals have lost out in popularity to the One day Orgies.
The ladies, especially in the southern hemisphere, shed their petticoats.
The big boys began playing at night - and everybody was thrilled.
The red balls weren't too visible at night. So white balls were identified to replace them. Australian balls were found to be harder and tougher than the rest and hence preferred.

The game itself ceased to be the monopolised domain of the stronger sex. Now women play it too. But sadly, the stands are empty. And no wonder! Imagine women in white cotton trousers and white full sleeve shirts! I mean, couldn’t they learn the obvious from their counterparts in tennis and volleyball. 'Long Leg' and 'Fine Leg' in the field is balderdash unless you show it! OK, you want the crowd to come to watch your game, and who doesn’t! But where is the initial motivation...the Starter? First you need to make them take notice and stand up…then they understand…and then you earn the standing ovation from the stands!

It has also ceased to be the Englishman’s game.The ‘natives’ of the colonial past learnt fast. And then bettered, rather ‘bat’tered, their masters at their own turf. But from what I hear about English humour, it seems they love to laugh at themselves.

This brings me to a question that would confuse Confucius:

Who has the last laugh?


  • Hockey is obviously big here. When I was growing up girls didn't play, but they did play a sport called ringette.
    Now girls play as much as boys and at a young age there is hardly a difference.
    There is a difference as men and women.
    The only problem I have with women and girls playing hockey is that the demand for icetime is up and so is the price.

    By Blogger riskybiz, at 1/5/05 20:51  

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