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Sunday, June 26, 2005


I have not been using my blog much of late. And what better evidence than to find that visitors from Hong Kong rank third in frequency of visits!! It apparently means that others from USA and India have visited my blog more than me!!
That's a shame really...I have let down my few regular readers! But I just run out of motivation sometimes. Especially over the last few weeks, I have felt utterly frustated with my page and the thoughts that have flashed to mind could not be posted on a page like this.
I noticed that there are very few who blog with their real identities. Most prefer to hide behind false names and pictures of objects and creatures ranging from cars to catterpillars. It's as if Laden will catch them if they came out in the open! Or so I thought. I saw no reason to hide my identity and blogged away happily. One fine day I wondered whether I am being foolish. When in Rome do as Romans do. So I quitely removed my pic and town from my profile. But the archives are always there to pin point me.
So I now intend to open a seperate blogpage with a seperate profile. Any ideas for a catchy name or a funny pic are most welcome. :-)


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