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Saturday, August 13, 2005


OK, stagnant stinks!
So I changed my profile picture from the dumb excavator to my official self. This perhaps looks dumber, but at least the change is pleasant! :-)
Some subtle changes in the layout too... a new addition is the Blogroll on the right sidebar. I noticed it in Carol's and found it convenient. It is easy to notice new posts in the regular blogs I read. It is also very easy to add someone to your roll without fidgeting with the htmls.
Got a few toys for narcissistic games as well. These tell me who links to me, how many have read me and easy ways to link me! Since I am not a regular blogger and tend to hibernate often, I don't have too many regulars to my page. A couple of old faithfuls, who tolerate the crap I dish out irregularly. I don't read much either, due to time limitations and so my blogroll is pretty short.
Recently, my wife read a couple of my posts and realised that there was an aspect of me that she was not too familiar with. She even developed some degree of interest in getting her own blog page. It would really be a great vent for a working lady who is imprisoned at home for the last year or so for no fault of hers. That is, if you consider her stubborn stand to be with me in this remote posting as a 'no-fault'! Unfortunately, the internet connectivity is very poor in the place we live in. Bangladesh is developing fast, but not fast enough. We might be gone from here by the time they improve connectivity. The world is poorer without her blogs!
Talking of change, I had my first 'Diet Coke' yesterday. In other words, I accepted that things are not quite in shape and its time to change ;-)


  • Go with the flow, Santanu. True, you don't blog often and I often have to wait weeks to get a new post from you but I think they're worth it plus I love when you post pics of your family.

    Diet Coke? EWWWWW LOL I will never drink Diet anything...

    I would love for your wife to start a blog of her own. It's always great to get a woman's perspective on life. Plus she might find it very entertaining and addictive :)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 15/8/05 21:02  

  • My posts are worth waiting weeks? Stop that, will you, else I'll never be able to go through the door and all the diet efforts will be wasted! LOL

    Trying to get the landline working at home...no success so far!

    By Blogger Santanu, at 18/8/05 19:27  

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