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Monday, June 27, 2005

Where have I been

NYPaganChick said... Santanu, where the hell have you been? You tend to disappear from time to time. I hope all is well with you and your family :) 12:51 AM

Well, I suppose I will start answering from the reverse end. All's well with my family and they are in India for the Summer Vacations.

All's well with me to the extent possible under such circumstances where one has to re-learn self-dependency after a long gap.

I had disappeared under a situation I shall term as 'Blog Satiation'. Simultaneously, I also went through a phase of solitude-induced-introspection and explored my inner self and immediate surroundings and re-discovered traits, attributes and situations that were almost forgotten and buried in the sands of time as well as recent trends and developments. A few notable findings are:
  • The same shirt and trouser can be repeated on consecutive days without any noticeable stink or complaints from colleagues.
  • There is no increase in mouth odour in the morning if I don’t brush at night.
  • I can still keep count till 7 large pegs of whisky. However, from the 3rd, I switch from my mother tongue to English and around the 6th I develop a peculiar accent.
  • There is no apparent increase in body weight within a fortnight of switching to deep fried snacks.
  • International Phone calls to neighboring India are costlier in this country than calls to UK and USA.
  • I look at the clock at least twenty times when tele-talking to my mother-in-law. However, I don’t remember looking even once in twenty minutes when my kid was on the line.
  • At least five TV channels run good movies that start after dinner time.
  • Yahoo Chat has closed down User Rooms. Public chat rooms are filled with bots and stupid frustos.
  • Porn sites on the net now offer movie clips. There is also a noticeable increase in quantity and decrease in quality of erotic stories on the net.
  • India now locates its televised annual film award functions in Amsterdam for unfathomable reasons. The entire celebrity who’s-who from Bollywood flies over to Netherlands in their best costumes and look very happy for no apparent reason. The live bands that fill in the gaps during presentations choose cacophony over melody and the crowd loves it.
  • Brazil plays the finals of the Confederation Cup against Argentina in Germany. Brazil will win, but there will be many dreaming of the Maradona days.
  • Sitting long on the net or watching TV for long causes sore eyes.


  • Welcome to the Single life, Santanu...! :)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28/6/05 04:04  

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