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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Sweet Reward

Well all the hard work did pay off!

Subsequent to my post on energization on the 13th, we eventually managed to get the transformer humming on the 14th. That is a big achievement, a milestone for the project. But there is no time to rest or sit on our laurels. We need to take one hurdle at a time till the final hurdle is crossed. I don't even want to think about it. Too superstitious perhaps, but whenever I think of something, it never materialises.
Every tense moment has its funny side. This was no exception. With all the tension for getting electricity upto the transformer, I completely forgot that it is an occasion for VIPs to come and inaugurate. So when the electric fellows finished their wire tamperings, everyone started to look for someone to press the button. There was a sudden burst of commotion and confusion. And suddenly all eyes were on me as I am the in-charge and therefore should have arranged! So I did the best thing possible in this situation. I boldly walked up to the panel and pressed the button. With a couple of cameras flashing and ten pairs of hands clapping, I enjoyed my moment of glory. Also hid my folly.
Sweet are the rewards of hard work. Sweeter still is the taste of successfully hiding your slip. :-)


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