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Friday, March 11, 2005

Rain Rain Go Away...

Construction is a tough industry. You need lots of hair on your head so that you can keep tugging at it in your frustration. But then, you keep getting transferred so often to such remote sites that the change of climate and water takes its toll on your hair bank. Job-specific nuisance like dust and sweat also calls for daily shampoo which cleans the scalp to a shiny finish!

If only Supplies were on time, it would have been so much easier scheduling and executing your own job. But another job-specific nuisance is that supplies are never on time. To add to your frustration, the designers make “fine tunings” at the eleventh hour which will call for additional supplies, additional mobilisation, additional labour and consequently additional time.

The rain is a pain in construction! Intermittent rains here already, and it’s not helping the harvest on my head! Apparently the farmers out here pray better than me!!


  • Well I can surely relate to the full crop of hair on one's head. I have no fear of going bald, I just hope I don't shrink away in old age and start to look like Cousin Itt on Addams Family.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and adding a nice comment!


    By Blogger Weary Hag, at 14/3/05 02:28  

  • Ahh, Carol, but balding is gender specific and so is life in the Construction Industry!! :-)

    By Blogger Santanu, at 30/3/05 14:16  

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