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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Indian in F1

It's a dream come true.
For years I have sat glued to the TV set watching Formula 1 Grand Prix and wishing someone from India could reach there. Apart from the national pride, it would also have given me someone else to cheer for after Schumi became boring and predictable on the podium.

It used to be exiciting in the years when Maclaren were No 1 and Ferrari were at 2. It was fun cheering Schumi in red as he chased the ice cool Mika Hakkinen in silver n black. Mika used to be ably suported by Coultard and Schumacher by Eddy Irvine. Later Irvine shifted to Jaguar and slipped down the rankings and Hakkinen retired. The Schumi supremacy slowly turned to monopoly and then to monotony. Last season I hardly watched F1, content in the knowledge that Michael was on top, supported by Barrichello.

Today marks Day 1 of the new season at Melbourne and Narain Karthikayan in a yellow Jordan will be the first Indian in F1 history.

I really don't mind Schumi on the podium. Narain on the track is good enough for me! :)


  • The race has come and gone.
    Narain came in 15th. Schumacher didn't finish. Nicked Nick Heidfeld's Williams. Williams lost both Ralf Schumacher and Pablo Montoya this season to Toyota and McLaren! Fisichella bagged his first top spot with a Renault 1-3. Barrichello took 2nd. Red Bull Racing, new entrants, pleasantly surprised all with 4th and 7th positions.
    From Australia to Malaysia, Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur. Fortnight away.

    By Blogger Santanu, at 7/3/05 18:35  

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