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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Manic Saturday

While the rest of the world starts their weekend today, we start the new week. Yes, it's Saturday today and Friday being the weekly off here, and me having eaten my share of pie, here I sit, envious of the rest of the world!!
It's funny really...especially in areas of interface like Visa office or Customs!! You manage to get only three and a half working days a week! Half of Thursday and full Friday is lost here. Saturday through Sunday is lost there. I believe this is not the only country with Friday as weekly off. There are many such countries, especially in the Middle-East. And we talk of Global Economy!!
It also makes me wonder why I am so bothered about all this. Whether it is due to the global loss of mandays or whether it is due to my missing out on the fun of a three and a half days week :)
Not that there is much you could do over a weekend out here. No pubs, few restaurants, cloudy climate, a couple of parks, hardly any friends, a few shopping spots with limited stocks, most women in 'burkhas', some without, who hurry from dark glassed shops to dark glassed cars!
Yeah, I know I am getting a bit frustated here and it shows. ^_^


  • I think you should come to the US and there you will find all the entertainment you could ever need or want, lol

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8/3/05 07:44  

  • Thanks for the invitation, paganchick! Will sure give it a try some day. But sitting here on the other side of the globe, I still get entertained by Bush once in a while :-)

    By Blogger Santanu, at 14/3/05 15:31  

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