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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Al Vida

This is a view of the flat plains of Bangladesh from the hills of surrounding India. The white spec in the horizon is where I blogged from in my spare time for the last one year. However, my assignment in now on the verge of completion. Soon, I will pack up and return to India to take up my next assignment.

I will miss the place and the people here. The place because it is so much like India yet is so different. The countryside here reminds me of my childhood vacations in rural (West) Bengal. The folks here are more soft spoken than in the Indian Bengal. However, religious sentiments and years of propoganda has built an invisible wall which is unlikely to follow the Berlin Wall example in my lifetime.

Inevitably, this blog too ends here.

Thanks to all those friends who cared to return to this page repeatedly and share their thoughts and feelings. Some are in my blogroll, many are not. It was a wonderful experience - blogging and reading blogs. A pity it had to end so soon.

Al Vida ... Shabba Khair ... Au Revoir ... Sayonara ... Bye-bye!

Namoskar ! :-)

PS: e-mails r olwez welcum


  • I think blogging is also an addiction. You just can keep yourself out of it. All the best. Hope you will start a new one.

    By Blogger Rezwan, at 9/12/05 14:21  

  • Yes, Rezwan,it is indeed an addiction. And like most addictions, there comes a time when you have to tear yourself away from it. Mine has now arrived as far as blogging is concerned. I managed to get over my smoking addiction. I might manage to get over this as well. :-)
    Actually compulsions of convience timings forced me to spend idle hours in office and this is how I developed the "addiction". I hope I don't get a repeat of this situation that snatched valuable hours from my family life.
    I have noticed myself listed in your blog dated 19 Oct 05 and thank you for the same. You have a fine blog. Keep it up.

    By Blogger Santanu, at 9/12/05 14:57  

  • good luck and best wishes to you where ever you go, you will be missed ...and many thanks for your supportive comments on my blog. :)

    By Blogger Misreflection, at 10/12/05 19:26  

  • Thanks for the wishes, Missy. I will need them.
    Your comments on my blog were equally supportive, if not more :)

    By Blogger Santanu, at 11/12/05 08:51  

  • it was a nice reading for all this time...bye

    By Blogger Anik, at 13/12/05 23:02  

  • its not fair shantanu to finish blgging. we people from this part of bangla would like to see the other bangla.

    I wish we could remove those barrier and embrace again the two bangla.

    After all, its our mother, the same mother. how sad to divide her ! Can any child divide their mother?

    Joy Bangla. The spirit of United Bangali be forever. My best wishes for all the Banglai in epar bangla opar bangla.

    pls do write from kolkata as well. post picture of ur home in kolkata.

    By Blogger Sadiq M. Alam, at 15/12/05 22:41  

  • Anik, Wish I cud c ur pro. But i m denied :-( Thanx anyway.

    Sadiq, You move me with your passion. But the partition of Bengal is a reality we have to live with. Even though romantics like you and me would bleed our hearts out. This is the price for breeding too many intellectuals, scholars, poets and artists! The irony of it!!
    I do not have a home in Kolkata. In fact I have no home at all! I move with my assignments, lock, stock and barrel, through the length and breadth of the country. It's a land worth visiting, do come over once :-)

    By Blogger Santanu, at 18/12/05 18:48  

  • So sad to learn this, santanu. But from reading your blog, I know that wherever you go and whatever you do, you will be a force for the good.

    Go in peace, and keep in touch with your old blog friends when you can!

    By Blogger Patry Francis, at 19/12/05 10:03  

  • Hey, somehow that's sad! But I guess, it's your blog to do as you wish. All that best to you Santanu!

    By Blogger anumita, at 27/12/05 19:48  

  • Bangladesh Blogs Aggregator has been updated bdblogs.net. Thank you.

    By Blogger bdblogs.net, at 10/6/06 13:18  

  • Gulnaz had listed you as one of her blog friends..In tribute of Gulnaz we hope you can drop a line to tell us how were you inspired by Gulnaz

    By Blogger iamnasra, at 17/6/06 03:29  

  • Keep blogging Santanu and all the best for your future venture

    By Blogger Jyotsna, at 11/9/06 17:43  

  • Santanu - I'm so sorry I dropped the ball on blog reading six months ago, but I closed The Outpost during that time also. Life just got too busy and hectic and there were many health concerns (all of which are good now).

    I wish you could somehow continue your blog as it was always so interesting and you always had such lovely reports and photos.

    I'm glad I stopped by at this time so I can at least wish you all the best and try to encourage you to keep blogging once you return to India.

    If you can't ... may nothing but good things and good health be in your future!

    Your friend, Weary Hag

    By Blogger Weary Hag, at 2/3/07 18:32  

  • Thanks for dropping by, Carol, and a BIG thanks for your wishes. I really have no time to blog anymore. But its good to know that you are blogging again. Your blog is always a great read, as are your comments. Now that you have got over your health concerns, do keep blogging. It's good for you as well as your regular readers. For me it's a "Was there, have done" thing now, but it was great while it lasted and thanks to friends like you, it lasted longer than it would otherwise have.

    By Blogger Santanu, at 3/3/07 20:19  

  • Oh no!

    Say it is not au revoir!

    Say that my comment is two years too late!


    Let me declare that I have experienced great joy in reading your blog, Santanu!

    About your fascinating work, your humourous insight, your incredible family and about meta-blogging!

    Let life always find you well, prospering, and immaculately content.

    With thanks in my heart,
    Kevin "Tricorn" Ng

    By Blogger Tricorn, at 5/7/07 20:22  

  • Oh no!

    Say it is not au revoir!

    I have not tread by your blog for so long (please forgive me!) and once I did, you have moved on!


    So let me thank you for all the delightful insights that you have graciously shared in your blog, Santanu!

    May life always find you and your family well, prosperous and greatly contented!

    Till we meet, fare you well!
    Kevin "Tricorn" Ng

    By Blogger Tricorn, at 5/7/07 20:59  

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