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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Al Vida

This is a view of the flat plains of Bangladesh from the hills of surrounding India. The white spec in the horizon is where I blogged from in my spare time for the last one year. However, my assignment in now on the verge of completion. Soon, I will pack up and return to India to take up my next assignment.

I will miss the place and the people here. The place because it is so much like India yet is so different. The countryside here reminds me of my childhood vacations in rural (West) Bengal. The folks here are more soft spoken than in the Indian Bengal. However, religious sentiments and years of propoganda has built an invisible wall which is unlikely to follow the Berlin Wall example in my lifetime.

Inevitably, this blog too ends here.

Thanks to all those friends who cared to return to this page repeatedly and share their thoughts and feelings. Some are in my blogroll, many are not. It was a wonderful experience - blogging and reading blogs. A pity it had to end so soon.

Al Vida ... Shabba Khair ... Au Revoir ... Sayonara ... Bye-bye!

Namoskar ! :-)

PS: e-mails r olwez welcum